Specialty chemicals have taken their lead from pharma

Over the last several years, pharma chemists have developed a number of flow chemical processes from small scale to medium and large scale production. Often the early adopter, pharma chemists have always jumped on ways to make their chemistry more efficient and enabling….microwave and other automated techniques. With flow chemistry, we have broken some of the barriers down, but it doesn’t mean that it is mainstream yet. Some scoff at the flow, pressure and the ability to pump a number of reactions and whether the instrumentation can handle some of the chemicals being added. Although there are several advancements there is a need for chemists to explore and innovate – and flow chemical methods is an area to do so. Having said that, chemical and specialty chemical manufacturers have taken their lead and are developing their own culture in flow processes – pushing the development forward at an accelerated pace. I have included an example (Vapourtec 2009) of that transfer to new areas and thoughts surrounding this approach. Enjoy the reading!


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