Slideshare: A personal view of flow chemistry

As a synthetic chemist by training I always looked for the easiest access to information regarding all of the tools needed for effective method development. With the way that we exchange information today, I don’t have to sit in the stacks and sift through traditional name reactions and Fieser reagent and catalyst preparations — and I do miss my Vogel guidebook, but that is no longer the place to start….we are pushing the envelope, and instrumentation is better than ever — to set-up reactions and monitor is catching up to our creativity. We are also sharing information more. And to that point, I have found a number of things on SLIDESHARE, that would have otherwise taken several emails and some accountability for my interest. For flow chemistry, there are a number of presentations which have been shared for our education and assessment. I would like to point out a few, then let you guys decide what to do with the information — would love some feedback if you would take the time to let me know your thoughts.

A market assessment on flow chemistry provides some clues into the movement in synthesis.

Global Market Analysis on Flow Chemistry

Flow reaction monitoring being used in multiple ways from scoping, DOE and feasibility to standardization

Flow Reaction Monitoring

And several presentations on different synthesis applied to scale-up and medicinal chemistry methods — and making it safer in the process. I will leave it alone at this point and let you enjoy some of the things available.

Novel Heterocycle Synthesis






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