A look at some CROs and CMOs using flow technology

I’m sure that you would agree that anything other than an exhaustive list of CROs/CMOs using flow technology as part of their services and contract work may not sit on your desk as a guide when you need it — but let’s start that list or at least the thinking for when that time is in front, the resource will provide some support. There are a number of US and Global lists of CRO and CMO chemistry organizations that fulfill the role of research and scale up route enhancement, but for the sake of focusing on flow utilization I have highlighted several — I encourage anyone who knows and wishes to contribute, leave me additional links or companies to highlight on the site. Europe and US, as early adopters, are shown below, but this technology is ever present in China and India – and while this was the focus of my thoughts today – many of you will know examples of places providing these services so I am happy to link these to the site for future reference — please let me know.


Asymchem Inc with facilities in China and North Carolina USA, It takes awhile to get there, but they have flow chemistry services to go along with an extensive list of capabilities from med chem, process at the R&D and kilo scale to full manufacturing facilities.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.23.56 PM


Sigma-Aldrich offers products and services utilizing flow technology operations.

Accendo Corporation (Tucson AZ) is a company who provides automated segmented-flow chemical platforms for research and discovery, as well as some design for larger scale capability. There are several collaborative papers on their website, showing utility and implementation.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.10.34 PM

 The Chemistry Research Solution (TCRS, Bristol PA): Company specializing in custom synthesis, med chem, scale-up and manufacturing…with flow chemistry and microwave capabilities.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.14.22 PM

Chembrex: (Global – Several sites) Provides multiple service and API manufacturing. Their continuous flow microwave platform is bring used for full manufacturing purposes to go along with services.

AMPAC Fine Chemicals (California, US): Although specializing in fine chemicals, AFC has implemented continuous flow methods for a number of years. They are also involved in pharmaceutical products manufacturing as well.


Chemtrix (Netherlands) offers several options for flow chemical services in addition to their commercial offerings.

EcoSynth (Belgium): Chemical Contract Research Services on Research and Process side with microwave and flow technology capabilities.

Lonza (Visp, Switzerland): Microflow and FlowPlate technology as a service and manufacturing technology drug products.

Chorisis (Italy): CRO with several research and process scale services including flow chemistry.

Hybridcatalysis (Netherlands): Custom packages depending on need – multiple platforms and flow chemical set-ups.

Onyx Scientific (UK): With a number of service and contract capabilities, Onyx has developed continuous flow technologies.


And many more — just a start to be organized as a list for reference.








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