Labs Utilizing Flow Chemistry – Duncan Browne – Cardiff University

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Just recently had the opportunity for some interaction with Duncan Browne at Cardiff University. You will want to keep track of the work Duncan is doing — having recently left collaborative work with Steven Ley and Ian Baxendale, Duncan is exploring several enabling technology ideas in the area of organic and materials synthesis in his own labs. If you have looked at the area of flow chemistry for any length of time you will have come across his work — and I am told to expect some really creative work from Cardiff. One of the key things I enjoy from my contact is Duncan’s interest on the educational side of enabling technologies, he has a strong commitment to evangelizing the movement or casting a wider group of people joining the changing landscape of synthetic processes.


One thought on “Labs Utilizing Flow Chemistry – Duncan Browne – Cardiff University

  1. Dear Duncan

    We have been successful in getting a Certificate and also a Diploma course agreed to be conducted by Bombay University ( Univ of Mumbai) India and are looking for on-location as well as web based teachers.

    A brief on what we do can be gleaned from our website.
    .We ate also interested in tie-ups for development of processes / technologies for our customers .
    We are open to collaborative work in your lab / ours here in Mumbai.

    We have a range of Flow Chem equipment in our lab with all the analytical support instruments & staff.

    Do let me have your views




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