What is more interesting — photo or electro flow?

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While I spend most of my time on flow hydrogenation, and the transfer of this technology from discovery or feasibility to scale, there has been a lot of discussion (and movement to go along with it) on photo flow chemistry and flow electrochem….and it has taken a number of traditional batch organic chemist a minute to readjust their thinking — we would normally not consider photochem on a large batch scale in a number of industries but that is not the case today — and we are re-educating ourselves to these potential strategies — and now the same thing can be said of electrochem…and the list is going into several areas we have long forgotten (flash vacuum pyrolysis for example). Great to see technology contributing in areas where we can realize the potential as we have seen with hydrogenation applications, C-C coupling and catalyst development.

Rather than several examples of each, I highlight a 2012 review in photo flow that is easily found. Take a look through and follow through with some of the more recent efforts — I would be interested to hear back on whether there is a stronger interest in photo applications or electro AND whether any particular types of chemistry would easily scale under continuous conditions — MY IDEA is to post a discussion on people’s thoughts and any particular highlights from experience.