I am a synthetic chemist by training and have been blogging for a couple of years now. During the course of that endeavor I moved my background in synthetic, medicinal and process chemistry over to enabling technologies. Having brought microwave technology and in situ reaction monitoring into a pharma setting I gained an appreciation on how quickly technology moved basic research along. Following 20+ years in pharma, I moved over to sales, application support and product marketing of microwave equipment for organic and materials synthesis, microwave sample preparation for trace metals analysis and organic — digestion and extraction. The newest thinking in the community has been surrounding organic synthesis using flow reactors – both big and small. In researching the topic I felt that there is a lot of information out there but no single source to find and make sense of the chaos. This is a mild attempt to keep things under one roof and have fun staying in front of the latest work in the area of flow chemistry developments. In addition to a resource it is also meant to generate discussion and network….putting the right people in front of each other is often the best way to push things forward — I hope you get some entertainment from the site and it provides a place to find flow synthesis information in a shortened timeframe.

Since my interest is in enabling technologies — you can also see a similar theme in a microwave synthesis resource blog I have maintained for a couple of years now:


David Gunn

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